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Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your overall physical health. However, even if you take good care of your teeth, you can have problems that come up between your regular exams and cleanings. Just like any other part of your health, you can have unexpected problems with your teeth that have to be resolved immediately. An emergency dentist in Jacksonville, FL can help ensure that you get the urgent dental care you need to keep your teeth in good health.

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Emergency Dental Services

Not every dental appointment is scheduled six months in advance. Between your regular appointments, you may develop a dental problem that needs to be addressed sooner in order to save your tooth and protect your oral health. If the problem is severe enough, you will need an emergency appointment that will address the problem immediately. Emergency dental appointments are reserved for serious or severe dental problems that can result in the loss of a tooth or more serious health problems if left untreated. The goal is to protect the tooth and keep you in good dental and oral health. If that is at risk, an emergency dental appointment may be needed.

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Reasons for Emergency Dental Care

Not every dental problem is an emergency. Even if you have tooth or gum pain, you may not need emergency dental services. Typically, emergency dental appointments are used for severe problems that can result in the loss of a tooth or for additional health problems if the problem is not resolved. Most often, you should see an emergency dentist Jacksonville, FL for any of the following:

A broken or knocked-out tooth
A broken or lost filling
A broken or lost crown
Broken or loose appliances
Broken or loose dentures
Broken or loose implants
Severely damaged tooth

If you are not sure whether you need emergency dental services, you should contact your dentist and explain your problem. Your dentist can help you decide whether you need an emergency root canal or tooth extraction, or if your problem can wait until a regular appointment.

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Getting Emergency Dental Care

If you need an emergency dental appointment, your dentist will give you specific instructions about how to prepare for your appointment. This may include rinsing with warm water or using an ice pack to reduce swelling. After your emergency need is addressed, it is a good idea to make a follow-up appointment to address any other issues you have. Your emergency dentist may point out further care that you need, or you may need a follow-up appointment to finish or check the dental work you get at your emergency appointment. Not every dental appointment can be planned. Sometimes problems arise between regular appointments that have to be addressed so you can stay in good oral health. Whether you suffer an injury that knocks out a tooth or you have severe damage that calls for an emergency tooth extraction, seeing your emergency dentist will help ensure that you have the healthiest smile you can. If you have a dental problem that may need emergency dentist Jacksonville, contact Dental Arts of Florida today.


A. Emergency dental care is used for patients with serious problems that could results in the loss of a tooth or other health problems. Some reasons for emergency dental services are severely damaged teeth, broken or loose implants, broken or loose dentures, a broken or lost crown or filling, broken or loose appliances, or a broken or knocked-out tooth. You may also need emergency dental care if you have a severe dental infection.

A. Pain is often a sign that you have a problem that needs to be addressed, but it doesn’t always mean you need an emergency dental appointment. Talk to your dentist about the cause of the pain to help determine if you need an emergency appointment or not.

A. If you need to do anything prior to your appointment, such as rinsing with warm water or using ice to reduce swelling, your emergency dentist will let you know when you schedule the appointment.

A. Your emergency dentist will give you instructions if you need any care after your appointment. You may need a follow-up appointment to check on your teeth or to finish dental work. It is also recommended that you make an appointment to address any other (non-emergency) dental problems to prevent further damage to your teeth and oral health.

A. Scheduling your appointment will depend on appointment availability and the severity of your needs. We will do everything we can to make an appointment right away so you can get the emergency dental services you need.

A. Lots of emergency dental services occur because of underlying problems that are not fixed when they first arise. For example, an untreated cavity can get more severe, eventually resulting in major tooth damage. But some emergency dental care is unexpected, such as a tooth being knocked out due to an injury.

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Love the customer service and professionalism of the staff. Great location, convenient and typically able to get appointments in a matter of days.

Tanya Philyaw

Great office staff and exemplary care. Same day appointments for urgent issues and state of the art office. Also handles most dental concerns. Highly recommended.

Laurel Groff

I Thought Dr Trepidino was first class professional and knew what he was doing... Very polite. And kind. And his staff were gregarious folks as well..

Troy Wilson

Fantastic Staff, great job taking care of the patient to make sure they are comfortable at all times. Doctor is amazing. Can't say enough about this Dentist.

Dan Simon
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Dr. Fred Tepedino comes from a long line of dentists spanning four generations. He received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Nova Southeastern University and graduated with Honors in Periodontology. Always furthering his education and abilities, Dr. Tepedino continued his surgical training to achieve a Fellowship with The International Dental Implant Association and training in Advanced Alveolar Reconstruction. Taking the time to listen to his patients and hear their perspective on their oral health and dental needs, Dr. Tepedino establishes trust and rapport with them. Ever a perfectionist, Dr. Tepedino provides a high level of care and skill that truly set his practice apart.

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